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Friday, July 28, 2006

My Inspiration & My appreciation

Hello All,

Hope all is going well for you. See that phone over there? Ya, I agree, that is sweet!!! That phone is my reward to myself for building a solid business. My self-imposed finish line for getting this much needed business tool is Silver (7500 PV). Oh no, you found out I've yet to achieve 7500 PV. I'm not ashamed of where I am now because I'm not staying here. We're moving on. I really need a new phone too, the pile I have now barely works. I think I got sand inside it while playing volleyball. The regular earphone speaker is all scratchy so I've been using speaker phone whenever possible.

So, I'm just checking in here. I know its been a while, but I'm not even sure if anyone has even read this stuff yet. I don't do any advertising for this blog. My time is spent building my business. It is cool to see that IBO's are posting and commenting online as well as the critics. I'm not anti-critic either, in case you wondered. The fact that there are people critical of this business opportunity just goes to prove that this is NOT for everyone. It's like the line from "A League of Their Own" where Tom Hanks tell Gina Davis that the hard is what makes it great. Seriously, if everyone made it into the NFL there would be 100,000 teams of 60 and all the players and coaches would get paid like $5. Well actually $0 because there would be nobody left to watch/attend the games.

All I know is this: businesses powered by Quixtar in conjunction with a solid and ethical LoS is for SOME people. And the people that it is for will get in and excel. They will grow into better people, better leaders, better communicators, have better relationships, find more fulfillment, and by the way, make some money. Make money that they will not flaunt and horde, but will use to make a difference in the world. If taking away the stress of bills and debt frees me up to invest my time and heart into others, then me making BIGGER money in a passive way is OK with me. If looking at me you don't see something you want, then why would you listen to me? And if you were paying attention in paragraph #1, being that I am not yet at Silver, I may not have something you want. Its a good thing that I am not the end all. My upline does have something that many (not all) want. Not millions of dollars. But the time to spend as they choose.

So as my wife so wonderfully stated to me the other day (she is very wise, she made the point of the day for my previous post as well), if reading or hearing a negative comment or two will make you not investigate it from people with credibility, then we can be thankful, they weren't one of those SOME people. Critical bloggers, thank you. You have saved me loads of invested time.

That's it for now, I'll be around later, but who knows when really.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blog Dabbler

I just started this blog so that I could comment on other blog sites, whether pro IBO or not. But upon further thought and because of a comment made by a blogger known as OneIBO(, I have decided to dabble in blogging (meaning I'm not just dabbling in my biz). His comment that really grabbed me was that he was glad that he never promised to post daily.

I read blogs both before and after my [now] wife and I started our business powered by Quixtar. I understand that both sides firmly believe in what they are saying. Thats the beauty of opinions. My wife made a comment one night when she discovered that I had spent the majority of the night reading blog sites on this opportunity instead of going out and building our future. I agree fully, and sometimes it takes that to get a man going. So, I will never blog my way into the "failure" that fuels anti-opportunity blog sites.

That being said, I am not anti-blog either. I know that people will investigate this opportunity whether we like it or not. I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion and 1st ammendment rights to free speech. I also feel that those investigating should be able to be well informed. So be informed, PEOPLE FAIL IN THIS BUSINESS!!! SOME people fail. So if you are investigating this or OneIBO's blog site to see if this is a legitimate business, the answer is this: YES!!! But it may not be for you. But it may be. And this is my opinion, but it is my experience that the people that listen to their growing upline and plug into the "system", will find success. Because they will become the person/leader they need to be to succeed.

SOME people fail. And SOME of those people will not take responsibility for their part in the lack of success. And SOME of those people will choose to voice their opinion of this opportunity while putting the blame/responsibilty onto the biz.

I will try and share some things on my Quixtar experiences past present and future. Thanks to the great example of OneIBO. Thank you.